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Setting up Zimbra Emails on iPhone

Corey Bradford
on 2/20/18, 6:33 AM 1,098 views

Setting up Zimbra Emails on iPhone

A self-help guide to setting up your Zimbra Email account on the go.


1.       Go into the “Settings” app, and scroll down to “Accounts & Passwords”.
If you are on an older version of iOS this may be under “Mail”.

2.       Select “Add Account”.

3.       Select “Exchange”.

4.       Enter your Email address, and a friendly name you can identify that Email account by.
The Description doesn’t matter, it just helps you understand which Email account your using when you have multiple setup.
Click “Next” once you are done.

5.       On the popup window you will be prompted to make a choice.
Simply select “Configure Manually”.

6.       Next enter your password for the Email account, and click “Next”.

7.       After that you will be presented with a screen requesting a few more details:

Your Email and Password will already be auto-filled. All you have to do is enter the following details:
Server: zimbra.secure-iss.com
Domain: <leave empty>
Username: <re-enter your email>
Then finally hit “Next”.

8.        Finally, select the things you wish to Sync. If you are unsure, just leave everything on.
After that, hit “Save”, and congratulations! Your Zimbra Email is now setup on your phone!

9.       Go back into the Mail app, and your Emails should now be coming in.

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