Single Touch Payroll

Options for MYOB Classic clients

We have had a number of our clients contact us over the past few months in relation to the ATO's Single Touch Payroll (STP) requirements, which come into effect from 01/07/2018.

For those of you unaware of STP, more information on what STP is and how it may impact your business can be found on the ATO's website.

For customers that utilise MYOB's classic version and meet the requirements to report their payments through STP compliance presents a dilemma!

MYOB have not at this point provided an update to their Classic software to make it STP compliant (choosing instead to push people to upgrade). So the question becomes, what do we do for those that wish to continue to run an MYOB classic version of software (on our platforms or locally) and who are unable (or don't wish) to upgrade to MYOB's lastest AccountRight software? You will will need to apply to the ATO for a deferral.

The steps are pretty straight forward. According to the ATO's website:


Employers who won't be ready to start STP reporting from 1 July 2018, or by their software provider's start date, will need to apply to us for a deferral.

Registered agents providing a payroll service, or supporting employers to transition to STP, can apply for a deferral for their clients. This includes registered tax agents, registered BAS agents and payroll service providers.


More information can be found on this link.

To apply for a deferral download the form from the ATO and submit this via your ATO portal ASAP. The form can be accessed here Single Touch Payroll – employer deferral request (NAT 74985, PDF 1.7MB).

To complete the form the ATO provides the following instructions


  1. Right click on the link and select ‘Save (link) target as’ (wording may vary depending on your internet browser)
  2. Open the form and enable JavaScript if prompted
  3. Complete and save the form on your computer
  4. Attach the form and any supporting documentation to your portal message.
We are able to provide the following general advice in completing this form. MYOB as the Software provider have been given a deferral date through to 31/05/2019.

ATO Form Field
Suggested Value
Section B - Requested deferral date
Section B - Select or specify the reason/s for your deferral request
Select Option: Your current payroll solution will not be Single Touch Payroll (STP) enabled by 1 July 2018

Section B - Provide information to support your request
Currently our company is using MYOB Classic Version 19 and the Software provider has not provided an STP compliant update. The DRN is: 43164997

Once your form has been completed, you can submit it via the ATO portal. Further instructions can be found in the "How to lodge your form" section. Good luck!