Sharing Passwords... Securely


How does your organisation share and distribute them?

Sending passwords across an organisation or between organisations is often a fine balance between ease of use/ access and ensuring that the passwords are distributed securely.



We are all aware of the severe and damaging issues that a password obtained by a malicious third party can cause. Outside of the cumbersome use of SMS text messages or dedicated tools around password management or other customised systems, there are very few ways to distribute a password other than through unprotected email.

The use of a One Time Link to a password or secret enables users to easily and securely distribute this information and data.

Secure-ISS use and provide a free tool for our customers and partners to securely distribute passwords. The concept is quite simple, the user needing to distribute the password pastes the password into the portal, selects how long the password should be stored and available to the recipient and then generates a one time use URL.

The URL is sent to the recipient (I.E. copied into an email and sent along with any other contextual information). The recipient then clicks the link, copies the password out and stores it in a secure location. Once the link is used, the password is immediately deleted from the secure database store along with the link itself. Simple, yet secure! To access the portal, please see the link below.

Access our Secure One Time Password Sharing Portal

Securely and Simply share passwords...

Step One - Enter a password

Enter the password or secret
that you need to share with your colleague or the third party.

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Step Two - Select the Duration

Select the period from the drop-down as to how long the password and link should be valid for. Options include an Hour, Day or Week.

Step Three - Generate 

Generating the URL provides a one time link for another party to access the password. Once generated, copy the link into an email and distribute the link to the receipting party

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MS Outlook link

A possible Step 3.1

Due to the way Outlook is designed, please adhere to the following extra step:

Once the link is created and copied in step 3, you will want to add it to your Outlook message.

In the message window, Go to > Insert > Hyperlink, and another window will pop up. Do the following:

1. Click Existing file or Web page,

2. Text to display - add any text,

3. Address - paste the link that you copied from

4. Click OK.

You will see a link in your message and you can send it on to your recipient.


Odoo CMS - a big picture
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Step Four - Third party retrieves Password

Once the third party clicks the link they are presented with the password. Once the link is clicked it is removed from the system and can't be re-used or the password re-acquired.