Important Patch for Kaspersky for Windows Servers 10.1

Core11 patch - Critical Fix

Why do I need this fix?
There have been a number of issue reported with the original release of 10.1, primarily high load during database definitions updates and an error with the Untrusted Hosts Blocking component consuming all available CPU resources. These issues have been resolved by the core11 patch which can be downloaded here:

How do I deploy this fix?
The fix contains an .exe file which can be installed from your Kaspersky Security Center server using a "Deploy application remotely" task. There is no restart required, the fix automatically restarts the AV service only on the target machine.

What is in this fix?
The critical fix KB14306 (CORE11) of September 13, 2018, includes all the changes from previous critical fixes, as well as error fixes for the following components:

    File Threat Protection
        On-Demand Scan
        The Trusted Zone
    Use of KSN
    Traffic Security
    Log Inspection
    The RPC Network Storage Protection task.
    Anti-Cryptor for NetApp
    Exploit Prevention
    Integration with Kaspersky Managed Protection
    Core functionality
    Integration with Kaspersky Security Center
        Password protection

If you would like to discuss the patch further or require any assistance in deploying it to your environment, please don't hesitate to contact Secure-ISS on 0755282373 or at
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