Fancy Bear fancies your bitcoins

DDOS Ransomware attacks

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 aka. RDOS (Ransom Denial-of-Service)

RDOS campaigns are essentially DDOS attack campaigns motivated by monetary gains.


A group claiming to be Fancy bear (who are usually known as a Hacktivist group), have reportedly begun RDOS campaigns against financial organisations. The campaign generally starts with an email or a twitter post threatening an attack unless a bitcoin ransom is paid. A legitimate group will launch a "demo" attack against the system to prove that their threats are serious. Many hacker groups have been imitating this "modus operandi" as a form of extortion, but they usually have no intention to actually launch the attack.

But now, due to the emergence of IoT which in turn has led to an emergence of powerful IoT botnets, these types of attacks will become more common, as it can be financially rewarding with little investment.

The email will look something like this:


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What will help

Network Behavioral detection - Quickly identifies anomalies in order to take preventative action against an attack.

Global threat intelligence - Access to a global repository of indicators of compromise that will alert when there is an upturn in similar attacks around the world.

Hybrid DDoS protection - Real time DDoS attack prevention that addresses high volume attacks and pipe saturation.

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