Data Breach Detection

A simple question for you. Have you been breached?

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Would you know if you have been breached?

These are simple questions that are not easily answered. With porous business boundaries, the ability for users to access data from anywhere and security budgets tight, the most likely answer is, I am not sure?

So how can you find out? Well, for the most part, leaked details often end up on the Dark Web for sale (and not necessarily to the highest bidder!). So, it would be logical that we'd simply go searching the Dark Web and various sites, used by threat actors to provide evidence of a leak. If only it was that simple! Unfortunately, one just can't go and do a Google search on the Dark Web.

There are a few areas that are easier to monitor, including

  • Social Media Sites;

  • Blog Sites

  • etc

Are we having the right Security conversations?

Why aren't we looking out, before they look in?

Sure, with the NDB legislation now in place (if you haven't already, read our great blog post on NDB demystified here!) there is certainly more awareness around breaches. Just because we are now having the discussion and looking at solutions and services that can detect and respond to potential current and future activities, these don't answer the question, has our company been breached? Companies need to be looking outward and putting the spotlight on any data that currently exists external to an organisation. Most security tools and discussions are about looking for an intruder and a potential future breach within the organisation.

Capturing, analysing and correlating deleted, cached and current data across the Internet and Dark Web is time-consuming. Secure-ISS can make answering the question a lot simpler! We can also help your organisation continuously monitor your data and alert you in a matter of minutes if your data has been hacked, leaked or stolen.

By monitoring the Dark Web, Social Media blogs and other components across the Internet, Secure-ISS's MDR team have added another dimension to our ever-evolving threat intelligence, and now we constantly trawl for information that would indicate a breach in these areas. We're here to assist your team and board to protect your brand and IP. With our continuous monitoring services, we assist businesses to get on the front foot in relation to any potential breach (assisting in delivering to your notifiable data breach plan) and limit reputational damage.

Talk to us today about our Data Breach detection services. We can deliver them as part of our overall Managed Detection and Response services or as a stand-alone service.