Are you getting the most out of your Kaspersky Lab investment?

A complete End Point Protection platform


So you have invested in Kaspersky Lab's Endpoint Security for Business protection platform. As one of the Most tested and Most Awarded products, you've made a good call! You've joined some 400 million users worldwide across 270,000 companies!

There are so many features within the product set outside of the AV protection, it can take even the most seasoned security professional time to get through all of the management, security and general protection features!

Endpoint Security for Business can assist IT and Security professionals with the fundamental metric of any security program, patching Vulnerabilities, through to more advanced features such as Mobile Device Management and HIPS.

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Ask yourself...

  • Are you making the most of the platform and your investment?

  • Are you getting the best performance from the solution itself?

  • Would you like a second set of expert eyes to look over your Security Centre or End Point implementation?

  • Do you need assistance in providing Operational and Management level reporting from the solution?

We can complete a deployment assessment anywhere within the Asia Pacific region from our Australian based SOC and assist with any of the facets of the product including:

  • Automation;

  • Policy Settings;

  • End Point Deployment and Management;

  • Vulnerability Assessment

  • Patch Management (Application and OS);

  • Mobile device Management;

  • HIPS Deployment;

  • Anti-Cryptor protection;

  • Reporting;

  • Documentation;

  • Strategy and Assessment services.

We have deployed 20,000+ seats across APAC!

Leverage our experience and get the most out of Kaspersky's End Point Protection platform!