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Secure-ISS Private Cloud

australian private cloud, secure-iss cloud, datacentre refresh, data centre refresh, cloud security

Planning for life after Server 2008

server 2008 r2 end of life, server 2008 r2 eol date, windows server 2008 eol sql

SamSam Alert

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Humans... are we still the weakest link?

security awareness training, cyber aware, phishing training, phishing, phishing attack
Phishing, Whaling and Social Engineering - Why building a Cyber aware culture is a must for any organisation to reduce both financial and reputational risk

Single Touch Payroll

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Kaspersky Security 10.1 release

kaspersky lab, kaspersky, ksc, kaspersky for windows server, kaspersky security 10 1
Findings and Learnings - Kaspersky Security 10.1 for Windows Server was released on March 20, 2018.

Microsoft M365

microsoft csp, m365, microsoft 365, o365
M365 is the latest offering from Microsoft which combines the latest technologies and security tools in one subscription bundle.

Sharing Passwords... Securely

share passwords securely, distribute password, one time password link, share passwords
A free tool to securely distribute passwords via a one time link.

Multi Factor Authentication

multi factor authentication, mfa, compromised password, trusted devices
Passwords are increasingly easy to compromise. Multi-factor authentication adds a second (or multiple) layer(s) of security to your identity.

Data Breach Detection

data breach detection, managed detection and response, notifiable data breach
By monitoring the Dark Web, Social Media blogs and other components across the Internet Secure-ISS's SOC team are constantly trawling for information.